Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kelly's Theory Of Mass Immigration And Employment

Today's Telegraph reports that,
"More than half of all new jobs created under Labour have gone to foreigners, the Government has been forced to admit... last night it emerged that the 1.1million migrant workers constituted 52 per cent of the 2.1 million new jobs created under Labour."

"Yet how can youth unemployment be rising when 2005 saw "the highest jobs growth in five years"? The thought that this might be connected to mass migrant labor now comprising 9 percent of the workforce and providing 50 percent of jobs growth does not appear to have occurred to An Taioseach Ahern. "
Huge immigration and at least 50% of jobs growth going to non-nationals; sufficiently empirical, observable and repeatable evidence to enable me to formulate 'Kelly's Theory of Mass Immigration and Employment' -
"In states undergoing mass immigration, at least half of new jobs go to immigrants".
It would be interesting to see if the theory pans out in respect of the data available for immigration into the USA between 1870 and 1924.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Apology Too Late In Coming

Having built his political career on the back of acts of petty vandalism, one might have expected Peter Hain to be more experienced at glueing locks than opening them - but his own, no doubt absolutely sincere, apology for the government's substantial understatement of the number of migrants who have arrived in the UK since 1997 (by, you know, only 300,000) is just not good enough, and far too late.
If a government has no handle on data, it cannot formulate policy. If it cannot formulate policy, it cannot govern.
In 10 years, we have thus evolved from being one of the most governable nations in the world into one of the most ungovernable. We have done this to ourselves and it is not an achievement of which any of us can be proud. Sorry, folks, but we're right up there with Chad.
God Save the Queen.

'Malaise On The Right'

"a disastrous and unnecessary war; a preferential option for the rich; open-borders immigration; a free-trade fanaticism that is denuding America of manufacturing jobs, sinking the dollar, and growing our dependence on foreign goods and foreign loans."
Sounds like the bog standard death throes of an imperial power to me...

Inflation Watch

Gerard Baker (sigh- yes, folks, that Gerard Baker) seems to think a little inflation might be a good idea.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Catholic Martyrs Of The Spanish Civil War...

Scotland's Gandhi

That would

Thursday, October 25, 2007

'Afghanistan is lost, says Lord Ashdown'...

in this morning's Telegraph.

My take from January 7 2004 was called, er....."Afghanistan is Lost".

Good to see that Lord Ashdown is almost four years behind the curve.

Well, he was a Liberal Democrat.


The Times reports that,
"The most extensive liberalisation of abortion laws for 40 years is being planned by MPs".
The Telegraph reports that,
"Doctors may have misled the Government in order to keep the 24-week abortion limit, it has been claimed."
"The Abortion Act of 1967 was an important advance in what the late Lord Jenkins, then Home Secretary, rightly preferred to call the civilised society rather than the permissive society."
Lord Jenkins of Hillhead said many things, not all of them correct; and Kamm's own attempt to mention the limited role abortion played in the electoral success of his uncle Martin Bell in the Tatton constituency in 1997 is risible; but the very fact that abortion, introduced into British law by Parliament in 1967 without having formed part of any party's manifesto, is still practiced here shows the complete failure of all subsequent policies on sex education.
Jenkins' "civilised society" was a fantasyland where people can have sex whenever they like, with whomsoever they like, without consequences. Promoting it is like a telling a two year old that a hot cooker won't hurt them if they touch it, or that they'll not get hurt if they drink the contents of the green containers under the kitchen sink.
If it does not work for small children, why on Earth do people like Kamm still seem to revere it and believe policies harmful to adults, never mind the harm caused to those on the receiving end of the "procedure", should still be promulgated?
Notwithstanding the tedious incantation of the backstreet abortionist's spectre, complete with dirty mac and wire coathanger, part of the answer could be that it enables people who share his mindset to have guilt free sex.
Fine. If you think you can do something harmful without consequences; if a brief hormonal rush in your groin is more important to you than life itself; then leave the unborn alone and buy a packet of Durex. If you must.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Nationalist Power Grab...

The Shortbread Revolution continues apace; and this time Salmond is angling for a really juicy prize.

Control of the electoral process itself.

What's the Gaelic for 'gerrymandering'?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Death To The Badgers!

is now up on The Devil's Kitchen.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Keep Scotland Nuclear!

Not content with petty treason, Alex Salmond has just graduated to full-blown lese-majeste.
The BBC reports that,
"First Minister Alex Salmond is seeking support from the international community in his campaign to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons.

He has written to representatives of 189 countries signed up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Mr Salmond is asking them to back his bid for Scotland to have observer status at future treaty talks. "
If the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party possessed any sense of their history, or in the absence of that even a combination of guts and low political cunning, they would be at the front of the queue calling for a vote of no confidence against Salmond, an arrogant, insolent blowhard when out of office and an arrogant, insolent upstart when in, on the basis that his persistent meddling in matters which are of no concern of his under the devolution settlement means he can't be doing the job he actually does have to do with any degree of care or skill; but they have none of these qualities, and the country is worse served for it.
Her Majesty's Ministers have advised her that the United Kingdom's interests are best served by the possession of nuclear weapons; defence is not a devolved matter; so someone, somewhere, should be outlining, in the grand Scotch fashion, the precise nature of Salmond's duties to both him and his rabble; and doing it in terms they'll understand.
That they should shut up and get on with their work.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Queen's Powerplay?

Pakistan, the poor man's Turkey, is a nation, Jim, but not as we know it.
The centrality of Islam to its civic core means it would probably have been better served by having been established as a Caliphate right at the outset.
However it wasn't, and now we are where we are.
Pakisatn's great problem is not sectarianism, not a lack of democracy or institutions but factionalism. The competition between the military, fundamentalist and Bhuttoista factions is so intense that what we are seeing there right now could come straight from the histories of any 17th Century European power. And given that the stakes, power and subsequent survival, are so high, it is hard to see just what competing factions would gain in the long run from the 'attempted assassination' of Benazir Bhutto.
Which makes me wonder whether or not her own faction might be responsible, to make the others look guilty.
Mazarin, where are you now?

The Author's Definition Of Globalisation

Last week, my wife and I took a short break in Prague.
Up to the evening of Monday October 15 2007, I had encountered five different definitions of globalisation; those provided by Paul Krugman, Niall Ferguson, Stephen Roach, John Gray and Will Hutton & Anthony Giddens.
Folks, that night I hit the crusty's motherlode. I now have my own.
Globalisation is a Roma gypsy on Wenceslas Square working as a human billboard for an Irish pub.
While dressed as a leprechaun.
And if the indignity being suffered by that man in the name of the policy, not a process, known as 'globalisation' does not convince you that whatever 'globalisation' actually is, it is unwholesome, then the sight of an African in Prague working as either a doorman or a human billboard while wearing what looked like traditional Bohemian costume, or the Africans selling boat trips on the Vltava while dressed up in Austro-Hungarian naval uniforms, will not persuade you either.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Blackwater Black and Tans

Laban Tall has recently described the Black and Tans as 'much maligned'.
I wouldn't really agree with that; they're not maligned enough.
The Tans were a gang of Scouse and Glaswegian thugs - and you don't have to be a rabid Irish nationalist to think that - and one cannot help but think that the nature of the behaviour alleged against some private security contractors in Iraq, indeed the very nature of some private security contractors in Iraq, means that Blackwater USA will be as fondly remembered in Iraq as the Tans are in Ireland now.
American Black and Tans. Washington would weep.

Celtic Lion

Don't make me laugh!

The Postal Strike

Why has my energy bill, contained as it is within an envelope franked 'second class', arrived while personal mail we are waiting on has not?
Could it be the case that Royal Mail gives preferential treatment to mail posted from businesses?
If that is the case, why isn't there a separate list of business charges? Do we now have a two-tier, and thus fascistic, mail service?
Bring back the Postmaster General!

A Couple Of Foreign Criminals

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dundee's Dumbest Drug Dealer

It might have been the Scooby-Doo costume that did for Ryan Wiseman.

It was either that...or the pink Mohican haircut...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Meet Mr. Jellaby

Fellow Britons, victims of culturicide?
Never a word to say for them. All their own fault, don't you know...
But Iraqis on the payroll for a week?
Personally, I find that the best defence against the charge that one does not adhere to the principles of English liberalism is to declare that one has no real problem with neither being a liberal...nor English...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why Can't I Walk?

It's a new symptom; it makes me walk like a cross between Groucho Marx and Gollum; and it's both tiring and, as with everything else to do with GTS, bloody tiresome.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Two Days Ago, I Posted A Small Piece...