Wednesday, November 07, 2012

On Country Life

That the notorious misanthrope Chris Packham was against the badger cull means that I'm automatically in favour of it, and I've been having great fun gaming a number of badger end of life scenarios, such as whether they might go down in a hail of gunfire to the strains of Barber's 'Adagio for Strings', like Willem Dafoe in 'Platoon', or try to make their getaway disguised as stoats before being caught out by cunning gamekeepers, like Gordon Jackson in 'The Great Escape'. 

Although of peasant stock, I'm a city boy through and through, so country issues tend to flit across the peripheral vision. However, one thing about the whole business with ash trees brings a question to mind. It might show a fevered tendency to conspiracy theory, but it might be worth asking. 

Ash trees seem to constitute a largish proportion of the national woodland. If they were found to be diseased and required to be destroyed, would this make privatising those woodlands in public ownership, a move which memory makes me think was on the cards a couple of years ago, a more attractive proposition?

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