Sunday, November 04, 2012

Royal Mail's Glasgow South East Area Collection Office

I'm needing to take a break from the dopaposts for a few days, having discovered, inevitably the hard way, that I had been working at them rather more intensively than I should have been. This loss of energy has not really been helped by having had to make a journey to Royal Mail's new Glasgow South East Area Collection Office yesterday morning.

The facility is brand new, so my Glasgow A-Z was of no use whatsoever. Inconveniently situated for the pedestrian and apparently almost completely inaccessible by public transport, it is situated in the only part of the city of Glasgow in which I have seen pine trees growing wild - I had never seen any at all until yesterday. 

The industrial estate in which it is situated is so vast that at one point I had to resort to establishing my bearings by checking the position of the sun, and a quick recce of the local topography while on site suggested that the easiest way for me to have got there from our house would have been to paddle up the Clyde in a canoe. The days of the Cockleshell Postmen might be upon us sooner than we think.

In years to come, knowledge of the location of the Glasgow South East Area collection office, the G72 postcode area's very own El Dorado, might become arcane, forbidden, almost gnostic; and being able to claim in truth that you know that it exists for you have been there may lead to the speaker being regarded with wonder, if not awe. Maybe I should hire myself out as a guide; after all, I don't just know the way in - I know the way out as well.

There is a lot of public goodwill towards Royal Mail, an entity which for years has been threatened with what, if it happened, might well be illegal privatisation. However, when it seems to do everything in its power to keep people away frome their mail, such as by siting its collection offices in locations so remote you wonder whether Glasgow has a district called Roswell, it doesn't give the impression that it's working very hard at maintaining the public's goodwill.

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