Thursday, December 06, 2012

Scottish Civic Nationalism's Great Big Sovereignty Swap

One would imagine that the view of the European Commission regarding whether a Scotland divided from the Union would become a member of the EU automatically or would require to apply to join, sorry, negotiate the terms of its entry, would be final; and if that final view is that the appropriate supplication, if not downright abasement, has to be made then the Scottish civic nationalists would just have to pucker up.

I await the publication of the Commission's letter to the House of Lords with great anticipation. One cannot imagine all those other new small member nations being willing to share the dripping from the roast without at least a bit of a struggle. If it is the case that the Commission gives Salmond and the rest of them a red face by contradicting the legal advice they may or many not have taken, it would deal a fatal blow to his reputation as a political operator.

And that is an event that cannot come a moment too soon.

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