Thursday, December 06, 2012

Scottish Civic Nationalism's Great Big Referendum Problem

This is one I haven't had time to blog on before now, but given its enormous implications it's well worth revisiting. 

The soi-disant, ersatz 'Scottish Government' has been permitted to frame the single question that will be posed in the so-called 'Independence Referendum' to be held in 2014. That question is, 

This is a wholly emotive question, designed to provoke an emotional response to the solution of a legal problem, for the Scottish civic nationalists' proposed division of the Union is fundamentally a legal problem;  they propose the repeal of the Acts of Union, and the primary consequences of such an event would be not emotional but legal. No matter how many Saltires are painted on how many faces, at some point somebody would have to get to grips with the red tape and the small print.
As the question which has been framed does not refer to the Acts of Union, it is not hard to imagine a Westminster government refusing to consider itself bound by any public vote founded upon it; a particularly cynical response to a majority 'Yes' vote in favour of the framed question would be 'That's nice', and any government that did issue uch a response would be well within its rights to do so, if only because the question does not address the legal issues at stake in any way, shape or form. 

If I were a paranoid man, I would almost be tempted to think that the question was deliberately framed in that foggy, gloopy, deliberately emotive manner precisely in order to provoke that very response, with that response then being used as an excuse to disrupt the smooth operation of Scotland's public life while the referendum question would not drag but be dragged on and on and on. If that were the case, then any executive which set out to disrupt the administration they were elected to lead could only be accused of acting in the utmost bad faith, their intention being bad governance rather than good; but that wouldn't ever happen here in Scotland, for a man's a man for a' that, and we're a' Jock Tamson's bairns.

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