Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From A Rather Fishy Trawl Of The Archives

(I am indebted to Chris Mounsey for having kept that piece online).

On 2nd November 2006, I wrote on 'The Devil's Kitchen' that,

"Voting for the SNP is not an option for conservatives. Its values are incompatible with our values. An independent Scotland would be a weaker, poorer and more feeble place. Scottish independence would show the type of Scottish nationalism espoused by the SNP for the hypocrisy it is.

The SNP has been opposed to every military operation that the UK has undertaken in recent years. Many assume that this is because they are leftists - but that is not the real reason.

The SNP consider themselves to be Scottish, not British, first. They do not see these operations as Scotland's wars - consequently, they feel no duty to support them. One can rest assured that should Scotland become independent, and should it suit his narrow political purposes, The Tartanissimo would not hesitate to despatch a fleet of rowing boats to Rockall with a shout of 'Nemo Me Impune Lacessit!'.

Then again, one of independence's saving graces would be that we would be so poor, weak and feeble that the only country we could realistically invade would be the Faroe Islands. Readers in Torshavn should start checking the shore defences."

What's in the news today? 

"Scottish fishermen have condemned the Faroe Islands for pulling out of international sharing arrangements for Atlantic herring stock.

At talks in London, the Faroese withdrew from international management for Atlanto-Scandian herring.

Instead it set its own unilateral quota...

Scottish Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead backed the call for European sanctions, describing the Faroese decision to walk away from the talks as a "huge disappointment".

He said: "By continually choosing to ignore international agreements and set their own unacceptable quotas the Faroes are jeopardising the future of vital fishing stocks - and in turn the livelihood of our fishermen who have already had to face years of tough restrictions to ensure the health of the stocks and the survival of their industry. 

"The health of fish stocks should not suffer due to this continued reckless attitude. 

"I call on the EU to make use of their available powers to introduce sanctions against the Faroe Islands." 

We shall, of course, be keeping an eye on Torshavn, and will strenuously oppose any policy which smacks of appeasement.

Just kidding.

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