Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lynne Featherstone's Violent Outburst Of Tolerance Directed At Julie Burchill

I couldn't really give a monkey's about what Julie Burchill actually said, but the disgusting sight of  a government minister calling for a writer not to be published because they wrote something she didn't like brings something I read a couple of years ago back to mind. 

Some years ago, an academic named J. Michael Bailey published a book about transsexualism named 'The Man Who Would Be Queen', the principal thesis of which was that transsexuality is an extreme form of male narcissism. This idea offended me at the time. 

A couple of years ago, I read Jan Morris's book 'Contact!' Morris underwent gender re-alignment surgery in North Africa in 1972, and in the book shares her recollections of the hours before it commenced. 

If memory serves, she describes looking at himself in the mirror, and bidding her old self goodbye. And the last words that she records herself speaking as a man were? 

"Goodnight, sweet prince..."

Just sayin'...

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