Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simon Weston's Plea For Justice

That someone so distinguished as Simon Weston was unable to stand for election as a Police Commissioner on the basis that he possessed a criminal record incurred as a minor suggests two things to me. 

The first is that those joke Frankencop jobs were only ever intended to be political in nature, satrapcies for the squeakiest of squeaky clean 24 hour party people. If it didn't actually happen the first time round, the next round of elections for those bonzo offices will see candidates being bussed in - presumably under the speed limit, and with an appropriately low blood alcohol reading.

The second is that although I'm sure Mr. Weston would have done as good a job as he or probably anyone else could have done, if I were him I would consider it to be beneath my dignity to expose myself to that sort of treatment again. 

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