Friday, January 18, 2013

The Great Scottish Police Service Spat

Most clashes of personality are usually the consequence of some form of egotism. Clashes of personality between holders of important public offices, enabled by badly written laws and conducted in public, are unseemly and don't give one confidence that public affairs are being administered competently. 

This one has been a disgrace, and both of the individuals involved should be ashamed of themselves. The reek that rises from this spat bears the man-smell of two alphas unaccustomed to having their views being questioned, both of them labouring under the expectation that they'll always get what they want. Being questioned is uncomfortable sometimes, but it's good for the soul. The lack of humility in the face of collective underachievement in this case has been staggering.

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Blogger Richard Thomas said...

Might there not be a third one to castigate as well? I can't see that Kenny MacAskill has covered himself in glory through the sloppy draughtsmanship of the enabling legislation. A plague on all their three houses.

20 January, 2013 12:43  

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