Sunday, February 10, 2013

Horses For Courses

Notwithstanding the idea that 'Red Rum' might soon become a euphemism for medium rare, or 'Black Beauty' for well done, the whole mutton dressed as lamb scandal of horseflesh sold as beef is in its own way quite comical, merely showing that the human capacities for avarice and venality remain as alive and active today as they ever been. If nothing else, it shows us that flawed humanity is still going strong. 

It was almost funny listening to Owen Paterson on the news, saying that the processors and retailers had a self-interest in correcting this; at a time when people do not know whether the meal in their freezer that they thought was made from beef might really be made from horse instead, the last thing they might need to hear is a recitation from the canticles of Adam Smith. 

It was also almost funny listening to David Cameron saying that this wasn't a food safety problem but a labelling problem instead; the thought occurred to me that the good crisis was not being allowed to go to waste, and that Cameron's comments were a softening up for beef being less widely available, and people having to rely on meats like horse instead.

Hopefully nobody will die as a result of having unwittingly consumed horse drugs not intended for human consumption; if anybody does, somebody should go down for many years.

Meat processors as the new bankers; where is Upton Sinclair when you need him?

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