Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How The Emperor Decius Handled Civil Servants Who Didn't Get With The Program Where State-Sanctioned Morality Was Concerned

"And the edict finally arrived, almost exactly as foretold by Our Lord in His truly terrifying words: 'So as, if possible, to trip up even the elect'. Anyway, terror was universal, and of many public figures some at once came forward through fear, others who were in state employment were induced by professional reasons, others were dragged forward by the mob. Summoned by name, they approached the unclean, unholy sacrifices. Some came white-faced and trembling, as if they were not going to sacrifice but be sacrificed themselves as victims to the idols..."

Dionysius of Alexandria, recounting the proscriptions of Decius in that city, recorded by Eusebius in 'The History Of The Church', (trans. G. A. Williamson), page 277.

Although the two situations are of course in no way comparable, it will be interesting to see what action, if any, is actually taken against civil servants in England and Wales who refuse to facilitate homosexual marriages on the basis of conscience.

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