Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Quote Of The Day

Remember that one, the next time you hear a British journalist bleating about the freedom of the press. The press must be free to tell you what to think, and you must be free to accept their vision.



Blogger PTET said...


"Comment on the Huhne prosecution must await the conclusion of current legal proceedings."

You are a lawyer. You can't blame journalists for following contempt of court laws.... Surely?

05 February, 2013 14:07  
Blogger Martin said...


I am no longer a solicitor, and you will find that I have never claimed to hold that rank when unqualified to do so.

As for the diligence of journalists in adhering to our laws regarding contempt of court, I think that the gentleman you really should be asking about that is a retired schoolteaher from Bristol - don;t you?

06 February, 2013 10:30  
Blogger PTET said...

Hi Martin... The Guardian's lawyers will have cleared the article for publication. You'll note it specifically says certain matters can't be discussed because court proceedings are onngoing. That is why comments were closed.

You and anyone else can comment on ongoing court proceedings on your blog or elsewhere - but then you become responsoiible for any Comtempt of Court which might arise.

06 February, 2013 11:32  
Blogger Martin said...


I am humbled by the friendship you thus extend to me, entirely unbidden, and for looking out for me so assiduously. Thank you so very much.

06 February, 2013 13:50  
Blogger PTET said...

Haha :) Our interests collide and I like to help... New technologies are making it harder to uphold contempt laws. Is it practical to keep them? Good question...

06 February, 2013 14:05  

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